All workshops and consultations can be provided online or at the client’s site.


A workshop is a session where participants acquire knowledge and skills through experiential learning. The goal of the workshop is to:

  • Acquire new skills/knowledge; 
  • Application through practical tasks;
  • Take away the key outputs of the session (depending on the workshop).
Life as a Headline

A workshop for individual’s to map out one’s life priorities and purpose.

Duration: 2.5 hrs

Audience: 4 – 14

Price: € 240 / person

2.5 hrs



/ person

Leader's life as a Headline (individual, TOP management only)

A workshop for the C-level / top-management leader on one’s leadership path and purpose.

2.5 hrs



Organisation as a Headline

A workshop for the C-level / top-management team to identify the organisation’s strategic vision and purpose.

2.5 hrs



/ person

First thing first: Values

A workshop to map out the individual foundational values.

1.5 hrs



/ person

Life as a Headline + Values

An intensive workshop for outlining one’s values and drafting purpose-based life priorities.

2 hrs



/ person


Teambuilding is an active session with the specific goal of increasing team cohesion. The goal of the teambuilding is to:

  • Involve team members in a range of entertaining activities;
  • Improve team performance through teamwork;
  • Connect team members through experiential learning

Applicable to all teambuilding sessions

3 hrs



Managerial detective

A stimulating activity of solving a managerial detective problem as a team, followed up by reflection unveiling the importance of coherence in the main elements of the organisation.


Using the world-renowned LEGO Serious Play method to engage the team in shared vision building through “learning by hands”.

Shared leadership

Using simulations and active tasks to engage teams in learning and practising shared leadership.

Philosophy lunch

Philosophy lunch is a short presentation plus discussion-type session, serving as a platform to tackle questions that are often forgotten, albeit they impact our daily lives. These sessions allow one to start thinking outside of the box – it is the watercooler conversations refined. The aim is to expand your horizons and hence stimulate innovation and new ideas in the workplace or within your team.


NOTE: If some encouragement for discussions is needed, the philosophy lunch can become philosophy cocktails.

Applicable to all philosophy lunches

45 mins seminar
15 mins Q&A



Is AI here to get us?

AI is going to overtake humanity, or is it the best invention in the world? That is the question. We provide the answer.

Mission impossible: Success AND happiness?

Sacrifices are everywhere? Continuous choice between happy or successful?  Let’s find a way to navigate.


Projects, projects, projects, at work and at home. Where does it come from, where is it leading to, and what does burnout have to do with it?


The number of roles we are expected to fulfil and outcomes to deliver is increasing exponentially. In parallel, we need to be cautious about resource consumption. Continuously to produce more with less? Past and future of ephemeralization and how it relates to (un)sustainability will be brought to your attention here.

The important science of bullshit

We bring you scientific knowledge about the value of bullshitting! Rigorous research reveals what types of bullshitting there are and how it impacts the listener. Science of bullshit made simple!

The Jungle of Leadership Theories

The tree of leadership are the same. It’s nothing new, it’s just a different branch of the same tree. Perhaps leadership is the new religion where mature leaders are atheists who do not subscribe to one leadership religion?

We deliver an overview of leadership theories and provide insights into how not to fall for the reinvention of bicycles or ‘that one best thing’ in the leadership realm


Discovering opportunities is a lecture-like session where the major focus is on scientific discoveries within a certain field, followed by a Q&A and/or discussion session.

Applicable to all discovering opportunities

1.15 hrs seminar
15 mins Q&A



All shades of diversity

Diversity continues to be a hot topic. What is it, what are the pros and cons, and what’s in it for us? This session is focused on all shades of diversity – from gender to neurodiversity.

I did not mean that – getting your message through

Communication and miscommunication are something that happens daily. But how do we actually get our message through?

How to make sustainability stick? Icelandic way

How sustainable are pursuits for sustainability? How much sustainability is enough? Through the case of Iceland, we unveil sustainability as a cultural value. Inspired by Iceland, but designed for you.

Deadly biases in project management

As much as we try to be ‘objective’, we are inherently flawed in our judgement. What are those deadly biases and heuristics that could harm us the most in project management?

Is resilience new sexy?

Each of us was told at least once to be ‘resilient’ or to build our resilience. But how do we actually do that in organisations? What are the receipts of a future-proof state of resilience?

Organisational Project Management: No, you don’t need Agile

In a world with an increasing number of projects, how do you align project management strategy in your organisation? 

The seminar introduces a model, enabling the alignment of the strategic PM with the purpose of the organisation and avoiding unnecessary investment in PM methodologies.

The missing half of leadership

Leaders are trained in leadership. What about followers? In this seminar, we introduce the missing half of leadership – followership. The value of followership and tools for follower analysis are provided.

Mental SPA

SPA is the place to recharge and reflect on life. We invite you to a SPA for your mind. It is a day full of outside-the-box, creative, yet relaxing activities customised for the team’s or business’s needs.

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  1. Individual consultation (face-to-face or virtual) with Vita or Inga. Price: 100 EUR / 1hr.
  2. Game & Grow. ‘Know-me-not’ cards that can be used in your personal or professional life. 100 cards covering 4 topics: leadership, communication, the dark-side and future. Perfect reflective entertainment at work and in the company of friends. Price: 20 EUR.  
  3. Game & Grow. ‘Know-me-not’ (Iceland version) cards that can be used in your personal or professional life. This deck of cards contains 50 original questions that will help you to know better yourself and others. Perfect reflective entertainment to be enjoyed at home or when travelling. Price: 20 EUR.

Individual consultation

with Vita or Inga


/ 1 hr

“Know-me-not” cards


/ card deck

“Know-me-not” cards (Iceland version)


/ card deck

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